You ARE a Cheesehead

This video of a girl who bought her friend a cheese hat, the famous NFL Green Bay Packers’ staple souvenir item.  It’s just funny how this girl waiting for a plane has so much time to come up with a story complete with a second star (who is really her just acting to be someone else).  People do the randomest things for YouTube fame, it’s pretty ridiculous.  She makes typical cheese jokes while the hat is on her head (ex: Got Cheese?), and even tries to sleep, but to no avail since the hat has a triangular shape.

It’s so easy to make videos nowadays, it’s no wonder she thought of doing this while waiting for her plane.  It’s also amazing that someone didn’t tell her to stop filming in an airport.  I thought that wasn’t allowed.


Parody in Music

In Dancing in the Distraction Factory, Goodwin talks about how there are few attempts at straight parody in music videos, mentioning Neil Young and his song Bad News Beat.  The one artist I always think of when parody in music comes up is Weird Al Yankovic, who debuted in the 90s.  I remember my brother had his album called Alapalooza, the cover was of the Jurassic Park logo with his animated head in place of the T-rex’s.


Almost every song on that album is a parodied version of songs by people like Sheryl Crow, Queen, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  They are all quite funny, but it’s amazing to see how someone with a little bit (really, a little bit) of creativity can make tunes that already exist into something that people will buy.

alapalooza1My favourite song on that album is called Harvey the Wonder Hamster.  One of the only non-parodies, it is a thirty second long song about a hamster who runs around on his hamster wheel.  Check it out it’s funny.

He put out more CD’s like Alapalooza, but like most kinds of music that don’t really change style, he bored the public and fell off a few years later.  I’m not saying he wasn’t good at what he did, but it’s great how a little creativity mixed with pre-existing music can make someone famous for years.  Good old Weird Al!!

Girl Fight!!!!

This is a hilarious video of two girls fighting, full of hairpulling, name calling, and flailing arms and legs.  The one girl pulls the other’s hair and then they fight UFC style, going to the ground, and the one girl gets a couple of knees in.   The uploader edits it with titles, music, and he even splits the fight into two rounds.  Note how the guy uses instant replay after the kick in the face, and how he picks a winner at the end.  This video perfectly simulates the typical girlfight, except without the stripping or the mud.  Too bad really…

I have to agree, the blonde wins this bout. hahaha

This is a video of a baby in a bathtub giving a speech.  At first the subtitles don’t seem to fit, but it’s a British baby and if you listen carefully you can recognize that he is actually saying the words most of the time.  Really smart baby, the parents must have really wanted to show off his talents.  It’s kind of becoming a novelty to get your kid doing something cute or funny on the internet.  I don’t think it will stop for a while either, because it’s only becoming easier to get a video on the internet.

Midterm Video

So this is mine and Catherine’s Midterm video on Cyber-bullying and Internet Culture…The lighting isn’t great but that’s what I get with a crappy bedroom light and laptop webcam….The bibliography is as follows:


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**Please Note**:

– CNN videos courtesy of none other than YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFsfDLCkfQU

– All pictures courtesy of Google Images.

2222 Toothpicks?!?!

So I found a video on YouTube of a guy who, after seeing someone put 2000 toothpicks in his beard on Myspace, wanted to beat the record.

It’s crazy what people will do for a little fame nowadays.  People are getting more and more creative with their ideas, and always want to do something better than the last person.  With websites like YouTube, people are able to put whatever they want up on the Internet, no matter how ludicrous the ideas are.  This is a perfect example.  Being able to put 2222 toothpics in your beard doesn’t give you any special status, except for maybe a weirdo.

Check it out!!

Music and Video

This video of my buddy Phil skateboarding shows that, just like dance can make music better in music videos, music has the same effect in amateur videos.  The music often fits with the timing of his tricks, and gives people something to listen to while they watch them.

People have short attention spans nowadays.  We need to be constantly stimulated or we get bored, and adding music to a video gives us something else to keep us busy.  Whether we are watching the tricks or listening to the music (or doing both), we pay attention to some part of the video.

Keep it up Philyk!